Healthy Ways to Cook Fish


Fish is one of the healthiest sources of lean proteins that you can eat but it’s important to prepare it in healthy ways to get the most benefit from eating it. There are many recipes online to help you find a healthy way to eat fish. Grilling, sauteing lightly in a healthy oil, or baking the fish are all great ways to prepare many different types of fish.

If you aren’t experienced in cooking fish, it can be helpful to do a quick online search for recipes for the specific fish you want to cook. To keep it healthy, avoid methods that involve breading the fish and deep frying it or pan frying it. Fish can be just as tasty when cooked in healthy ways, plus you can taste the fish more when these lighter methods of cooking are used.

Firm fish like salmon, tuna and swordfish can easily be grilled, and it proves to be super tasty with simple seasoning. Delicate fish can be baked or sauteed to ensure that it doesn’t fall apart during the cooking process. Fish is an excellent addition to anyone’s diet as it is filling, tasty, and can be prepared many different ways as a healthy protein.